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Need more information before you pick up the phone?  Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions that may have the information you need.

CTO is a friendly customer service focused managed service provider based in West Yorkshire whom prides itself on transparent IT service management, project delivery and solution provision.

We put the utmost effort into streamlining IT management activities and automating security functions to allow our customers and staff to focus on fast resolution of real-time problem situations.

There is no typical cost because we have not yet found two businesses that require the exact same service.  Our pricing is upfront and transparent giving you control of your expenditure at all times.

The cloud is a data storing weather system controlled by actual wizards who perform dark art on a daily basis to keep things running smoothly.  If you believe that you really must give us a call so we can explain a little more, or learn more on our Insight section.

That’s a very pertinent question, and one you SHOULD be asking.  We can help you find out by taking a deep dive into your systems and data using various techniques and help you answer that very question.  If we find holes in your security system we can help you close those holes quickly.

For daily operations – no!  Though you might be in deep trouble without a good one if you encounter problems that cause data loss.  A good backup and recovery plan is like an insurance policy in that you hope you never have to use it, but you are glad you have it on that dreadful day that you come to need it.

Another great question, and one you should definitely know the answer to!  If you have never performed a thorough investigation then its likely stored all over the place, and much of it is probably not backed up OR secured very well.  You could already be paying for services that can help you get on top of that…

Sensible use of network and cloud services can extend the lifespan of your hardware provisions and also speed up your operations, allowing you to save expenditure on hardware purchases.  But if things are going really slowly, and your green-screen is struggling, it might be time for an upgrade…

We are open and transparent in everything we do, and we require our customers to be that too.  You will require some time to talk to us and/or meet us up front, and some time to take regular reviews of your overall system to help us all keep track of your IT system deployment.

Pick up the phone and speak to us so we can better understand the problems you are facing and what you may or may not need.  We are happy to visit, take a closer look and explain more about us before gaining any access to your system to take things further.